Monday, December 31, 2007

Narendra Modi – The Savior (Part 3)

The television channels never interviewed any of the Hindu families that lost their livelihood during the Mumbai riots, Godhra carnage, Gujarat Riots or say the Sankat Morchan temple blast. They never bother to broadcast the plight of ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ who live as orphans in the refugee camps that lack basis sanitary needs for generations now! The proud Hindu community does not sit in a corner and cry for attention. Hindu’s are naturally programmed to come up from any such disaster – that is Hindu Pride. The only exemption to this will be Tamil Nadu from where I hail from – here the Dravidian parties have managed to ‘program’ all the Hindus to think like ‘beggars’ and each one’s life is dependent of the ‘freebies’ given by the government (See my previous posts during TN assembly elections). There is no ‘pride’ left in Hindus in Tamil Nadu – it is a pity!

Coming back to Gujarat, the Television channels never bothered to interview the remote villages that got ‘electricity’ with the ‘JYOTI GRAM YOJANA’ scheme, Villages that are irrigated with the Narmada water, the stoop city dwellers who received excellent infrastructure facilities, the elite business / industrial community who are enjoying the high tide with Modi governemnt’s stronghold on corruption – making it easy for Foreign investments etc. Modi does not give his hungry people ‘a fish’ but he taught them how to fish? – That is the critical difference! Modi has done it in full five years! Are they not the things that the Indira Congress has been promising every five years for the past 60 years?

The anti-incumbency factor is very hard to ignore in any elections! Here is a leader who has proved everyone wrong! The Main stream media or the opposition party could never claim about any scandals in the state or raise a voice on corruption during the elections! Modi is a ‘clean’ man! They cannot oppose to the ‘vibrant Gujarat’ theme or ‘Jetega Gujarat’ theme! Because Modi has proven to the people that good governance is indeed possible in a country like India! It is not a small achievement in any scale! Any media which is really focused on the national interest should project such things and question the rest of the leaders in the country - If Modi can, why cant you? But is that what you expect from our media?

Modi didn’t have everything easy. He cut the ‘free electricity’ to farmers and urged them to pay for it. He made them ‘think’ – what is better – 24 Hrs power supply or an irregular ‘false’ free power supply? The Gujarati farmers chose the 24Hrs power supply at a cost! Then the next natural ‘programmed’ Indian thing happened – some of them started looting power from the mains! Modi came very hard on them – he cut power supply for 1 lakh farmers found guilty of stealing electricity! There was no caste or religion barrier here. Those who stole got the punishment! Now the bad elements think more than once before committing any such things! No other politician in India has shown such detrimental administration capabilities in the past 60 years. Modi was not behind cheap vote bank politics. Giving national energy resources ‘free’ to anybody is a national crime! We have become immune to this fact – but Modi has shown the way forward. He has made his people ‘think’!.

Such enormous success didn’t blind Modi from his focus. Modi is still humble to the people, the party and the nation! After the victory he went and met Keshubhai patel to seek his blessings and to the sangh saadhus who openly campaigned against him in the elections! He doesn’t have a family – dedicated his life for the country – the quality which is very common across the RSS camp! His public meetings end with a proud chanting of ‘Bharat Mata ki – je’. Compare this with other parties’ meetings – they end with ‘Sonia matha ki Je; Rahul bhaiya ki je blah blah’. That is the difference – Country comes first; National spirit comes first to Modi – then the rest!

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