Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Narendra Modi – The Savior (Part 2)

The 2002 riots is truly a black mark and cannot be justified. But then, who started it? If the Godhra Carnage has not happened, there would have been no retaliation from the majority. Some of the pseudo secularists still dig deep and connect up Godhra to Babri Masjid – which is nothing but stupidity. There is only one Babri Masjid demolished – but there are hundreds and hundreds of temples demolished day-in & out that continues till today by the missionaries and the invaders earlier. So if ‘retaliation’ has to be a reason, Hindus have better reasons than anybody else in the world to become terrorists !

Still Hindus never started any such things in the past, never invaded any other countries, never killed their fellow innocent citizens in the name of religion. They spread Hinduism by practice – showing the world the real meaning of ‘life’. They never followed any of the ‘forced, raped & materialistic conversion’ methodologies that are implemented by Islam and Christianity. This attitude of ‘live & let live’ is what differentiates Hindus from the rest of the world. This attitude is what has been exploited by the pseudo-secularists – they worry about poor minorities – give them all the help from government funds which are paid by Majority. The poor hindu or a Brahmin is truly an ‘untouchable’ in this country.

The minority appeasement has reached to a shameful level where even the natural devastations like Tsunami or an earth quake is not spared – even there you have separate plans for Minorities from the government! Let it be quake hit Gujarat or the Tsunami hit southern peninsula – the RSS’s work is truly commendable. I have been fortunate enough to see the commitment and dedication in them ‘personally’ - That knew no religion boundary, caste boundaries! The basis of their work was one word – Humanity! I salute them for what they have done three years back and still continue to do! So many of them spent their own money for the rehabilitation effort and are still spending.

All the television channels were very busy in ‘collecting’ money from every part of the world – nobody dare to know about how that money has been spent? In Tamil Nadu, the then DMK controlled ‘SUN TV’ alone collected close to a crore of rupees during the Tsunami! Those poor fellows who contributed their hard earnings are so insensitive that they don’t even bother to know where it has all gone! Our brains are ‘dead’, we cannot ‘think’ – that is how we have been programmed by the pseudo-secularists!

Today the RSS spend their lives in uplifting the tribal villages and so many other ‘government neglected’ remote villages. There is a bigger reason behind it – we have already lost quite a bit of Hindu land to others. The latest to the target is the north-eastern region – which is eyed by China, Bangladesh and others! The maoists have already converted the world's only 'Hindu Nation' through their own guerilla warfare! Our future generation will be denied the knowledge that once there existed a 'Hindu Nation!'. The missionaries’ conversion spree is in full swing in our north-east states. The RSS’s mission is to prevent this mishap – it expects nothing in return from this country. Their motto is ‘united, progressive proud Bharatha kanda'. But the RSS is branded by the pseudo-secularists and the Maoists & communists as a ‘ hindu terrorist’ organization and many of our ‘programmed’ brains believe this nonsense! What a shame!

During the election campaigns in Gujarat, our television channels were busy showing up some of the local muslims – who were talking about how they didn’t receive any help from Modi, they cannot get into good schools blah., blah.. On top of it one person bragged that Modi never visited the mosque that is there right next to the BJP head office in Ahmedabad and hence that shows that he doesn’t care for Muslims! What crap! I mean how many muslim leaders have visited temples except for demolishing them in the entire history? Will the Muslims send their children to good schools even if they were given admissions? They will need to send their children to ‘government’ subsidized ‘Madarasa’ & not to English schools – else they will be ‘fathwa’-ed by their own community. This is the actual state of an average Indian Muslim. Is it not idiotic? That is where the ‘programming’ part comes. First of all, why do the muslims blame the government for not giving everything to them? Are they not ‘ashamed’ of it? No - That is how they are ‘programmed’ – they cannot think. In India, Minorities are so used to ‘government help’ that they can never live without somebody lifting them. And all those policies and funds allocated to their upliftment in the past 60 years, are looted by the respective maulvi’s and strong partymen – nothing but lies and hatred towards hindus reaches poor Muslims that brain-wash and brain-drain them!

And one of the important outcome that the riots have established is the fear factor – in all other states terrorism flourishes with a lot of local Muslim supporters. Nobody in Gujarat now dares to do that. If such a fear is created and sustained, it is good for the country. (Is that the sole purpose of the existance of Indian Penal Code?). There should be no excuse to anybody who has spelt or thought of terrorism – he/she should be shot or hung in public. When media and others talk about Muslims being in a state of fear in Gujarat, they should question back – why did they allow to groom and protect terrorists in their own homes? Now they would have realized that the monetary payment they get from jihadis to do anti-national things, cannot equate a life in their homes. That is what the retaliation riots taught to those selective anti-national Muslims in Gujarat. And that lesson is what made Gujarat a terror-free state in the past five years! When that community realizes this, am sure they will come up! Instead of bashing Modi, it is time Gujarati Muslims look forward to live peacefully – they are in the ‘safest’ state in India and then fear whom? If there is fear in them that is only because of what they have seeded in their own backyard. It is time to harvest those bad elements and burn them completely, seed patriotism - put the country first - else Modi will burn the entire house down - that is the lesson to be learnt from the riots...

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