Monday, December 31, 2007

Narendra Modi – The Savior (Final Part)

Comparing Gujarat with the rest of the States
The entire nation should thank people of Gujarat! They should learn from them – how to select a leader who will do well to their state, their country. On the contrary, I pity Tamil Nadu people – Jayalalitha’s second term at office was pretty good in comparison to any of the previous Dravidian government’s standards. She was hard on terrorists, eliminated criminals like the sandal-wood veerappan, got the state talk and practice rain water harvesting, punished the ‘programmed’ , corrupt government employees who went on strike for selfish reasons, handled the first two years draught with ‘war-foot’ measures, then the natural disasters of Tsunami and Floods in the next two years with elegance, streamlined electricity across the state, eradicated the lottery business, brought in some good schemas for temples, free bi-cycles for poor students, good focus on industry development and infrastructure development, still ended her term with a positive financial position. (The only black mark being her handling of the Sankaracharya case).

But all this didn’t help her winning her second term in succession – that is how people of Tamil Nadu are programmed – a ‘self-pity’ society, looking out for free color TVs, free lands, free gas stoves, and rice at Rs.2/kg, ignoring the bigger picture of Nationalism & growth, driven by groupism voted for Karunanidhi – for these two years, people have not seen anything on the growth path. Karunanidhi is busy bashing Hindus and Ram, giving focus to useless ‘cinema’ folks, busy watching their striptease dances, spending crores of rupees in his freebie schemes which only his party cadres benefit, helping and writing poems praising LTTE terrorists, giving re-birth to local goons and dadas, enacting bomb blasts with timer devises to kill his political enemies, making his kith & kin as ministers in state and central, making people like ‘radhika selvi’ (whose only qualification is that of a widow of a local goonda venkatesa pannaiar killed in encounter during Jayalalitha’s period) as an MP from his party and encouraging his party cadres to cut the threads of poor Brahmins.

It is better left unsaid about this old man’s ‘narcissistic’ behavior – every nook & corner of tamil nadu has banners of his face and his son stalin’s face.
They have not even spared the temple walls – the attached snap is just on the wall of the famous ‘kapaliswarar temple’ at Mylapore during a festival season – he just doesn’t care about Hindu’s sentiments! Will he dare to erect such a banner in walls of the Santhome church or the Thousand Lights Mosque? He is a media hailed, self proclaimed ‘pseudo- secularist’. Such are his plans given towards the growth of the state!

I took Tamil Nadu as an example – we can draw parallels to this if you study Andhra (during Chandrababu Naidu’s period and YSR’s period now), Karnataka, Bihar, West-bengal etc. BJP is described as ‘communal’ by the rest of the crowd in India. If you really compare the states ruled by BJP and others you would really know the difference – you will know who preaches communal strategy and caste in their states!

After getting a slap in their faces, now the coward media is still busy finding out who is loser among the Victorians. I have not seen this kind of stupidity elsewhere. The media is now busy finding answers for questions like ‘Is BJP a loser on the national level?’, ‘Is Rajnath singh upset?’, ‘Is Advani gone now that Modi has won?’. Boy-o-boy, where is the reality? The Gujarat elections are fought direct in contention between Indra Congress and BJP. And BJP has won fair and square! Modi is their CM! The election battles were fought between Modi and Sonia Gandhi. And Sonia Gandhi has been rejected by the Gujarat people. The winner is Modi and the loser is Sonia. That is it – so simple. Where is she hiding after all this? Why is she not coming forward to accept the defeat? Why is that she is always there to take the ownership for victories alone? If the petrol prices go up, it is PM to take the blame. If they are not hiked inspite of crude oil price raise, the credit is to Sonia! I mean why is the media not hunting for Sonia and Rahul after the election results? The agenda is nothing but the next programming of people’s mindset by media – that Sonia or Rahul never loses – they will only be accounted with wins! Give me a break!

I am happy and proud of Gujarat as a State and the people who elected Modi! They have taught the rest of the nation a lesson. A lesson that shows that ‘Gujarati’s’ still put Nationalism first and their Hindu pride is in tact! Do remember that Modi has earned considerable vote share in the Muslim community as well – otherwise such a landslide victory would not be possible! This shows that what the media has projected is not all true in Gujarat. Modi still plans for 5-1/2 crore people of Gujarat! He doesn’t have separate plans for uplifting Minorities. His Jyoti Gram Yojna is given for all – not for muslims alone. His Narmada schemes benefit the villages as a whole – not for minorities alone! He has openly pronounced that in his election rallies! Do we still believe that this is divisive politics?

And Modi gave back a slap to media in its face for his share – by announcing that ‘there cannot a son who is bigger than his mother’ – that he is never bigger than the BJP! That is the kind of commitment and transparency he lives for! Modi has made it very clear – that he was the CM and he will be the CM for ever – because for him CM means Common Man! That is what differentiates him from the barking crowd. What ever he does – it makes sense and it has a purpose! What ever he talks – it has a sense and purpose! We have not been fortunate to have such leaders often – Gujarat has that unique distinction of producing such leaders – Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhai Patel to name some. We should cherish such leaders. We should support such leaders! We should ease their path so that they can take the country to the next level. Modi is honest; Modi has an unyielding integrity; Modi is plain, clean and simple! Modi has driven the Caste ghost out of Gujarat that is demonstrated by Hindu voting unanimously to BJP! He has already sent his lessons to the ‘religion’ ghost in Gujarat, which is demonstrated by the thumping majority given to him by people which include Muslims & Christians!

As a proud Indian, I say ‘Modi – is our Savior’!

Jai Hind!

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