Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Narendra Modi – The Savior (Part 1)

On Dec 23rd 2007, a history has been created. Nobody in the history of Indian politics has faced such a multi-faced opposition during any elections. The Secular, Liberal and Progressive main stream media (sting operations, exit polls), the election commission, the central government, the opposition parties, rebels within the party, a community that is always driven by faulty principles, terrorists, the so-called intellectuals (Javed Akthar) and pseudo-secularists – each one of them planned and executed their own agenda by targeting a single person for the past 45 days - Narendra Modi. The people of Gujarat proved everyone wrong – once & for all.

The Indra congress did all that it possibly could – bashing modi in the media headed by Kabil Sibal & Abhishek Manu Singvi, president of Indra Congress addressing Modi as ‘merchant of death’, the ‘pitiable’ prime minister’s false promises, bringing in the ‘hyped’ Rahul Gandhi’s road shows, pulling out rebels from BJP, minority appeasement promises, shameless announcement of free Color T.Vs (following Tamil Nadu chief minister’s pathetic & disastrous strategy), getting the election commission, getting the Supreme court and add a bit of comical characters (Lalu Yadav) – what not! Yet the people of Gujarat voted unanimously for Modi for a ‘third-term’ – not any of the Indra Congress leaders could match! For rest of the country – it is a question of ‘How?’!

They will never get the answer because the ‘colonial mindset’ is spread so widely and deeply in our society – started 200 years back by the East India company and that is fueled further by the Indra Congress, Dravidian and communist parties in the past 60 years after independence.

The ‘divide & rule’ schema made Indians cowards. The East India company recruited Indians to beat and kill Indians. Fueled divisive policies based on religion – created immense ‘hatred’ among us. The ‘hatred’ that is now passed for many generations! It is this inherent ‘hatred’ and the stupid government policies of minority appeasement that has divided our country into three or four (Pakistan, Bangladesh, POK, China occupied Kashmir etc). Terrorism advocated world-wide by Islamic fundamentalists did not open our eyes. Instead we continued to give them reservations against majority’s wishes, provide them subsidized ‘everything’ in a Hindu nation – all aimed towards just one thing – vote bank. None of these has helped the Islamic community in India to prosper. It is time for that community to ask ‘Why?’.

That is because of the fundamental flaw in the way this religion is preached and practiced world-wide. The theory is very simple – you are first a citizen of the country whereever you are born and then comes the rest. This is not the case of Muslims – they are preached – you are a Muslim first then the rest. That is why the Indian Muslim community takes pride in boycotting singing a song that united all Indians together during the freedom fight - the ‘Vande Mataram’! Somewhere else at Chennai “ The Archbishop of Madras-Mylapore calls up on Catholics to send their children only to the schools run by Catholics for it should give them a better religious orientation!”. This is the root of all the hatred towards fellow citizens. Modi has changed it all, with one big blow that followed by an accelerated ‘growth’ plan. That is the Modi Magic!!

-- to continue --

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