Sunday, August 20, 2006

Towards "Beggars Own Country"?

The new TN government has finished its 100 days at the helm and claims that it has fulfilled almost all the promises made in their election manifesto! They also promise that the rest would be fulfilled soon enough. They claim that they are providing the best regime – ‘nallaatchi’! And as a resident of Chennai, the only visible change I have felt is that across all the roads, across all the parts of Chennai, there are big digital banners with Stalin and MK laughing at the public!

Now I would highlight one of the stories from the Mahabharata.

After the great war of Kurukshetra, Yudhishtra (Dharma putra) started ruling the kingdom. He set very high standards from the governance perspective. There was no theft, agriculture and arts flourished, and everyone in his kingdom lived safely and happily. Seeing all these slowly self-pride and ego settled in Dharmaputra’s mind. He started thinking great about himself – there is noone who could match his caliber of charity, his willingness to give etc. Lord Krishna was silently watching all these and decided that Dharma’ needed a lesson or two to be taught.

He invited Dharmaputra to visit the underworld (Paathaala loga) ruled by emperor ‘Maha Bali’. MahaBali arranged for a ceremonious welcome to Lord Krishna and Dharmaputra. People of the country chanted the great deeds of the Lord and Dharma through their way to the emperor’s palace! Dharma’s self ego and pride was kindled even more – that the power of his valor and generosity has spread to even the underworld!

As they settled in after all the ceremonies, Krishna told Maha Bali. “Bali – do you know that Dharmaputra is known for his charity and generosity. Infact he defines the whole meaning of words like Dhana & Dharma. And in his kingdom everyday he provides free food for more than 10,000 poor people and he takes care of their needs for free!. Have you seen anybody else in this world who could provide such a wonderful regime to his citizens?”

MahaBali started laughing! He said “Krishna. How could you say that a ruler who has kept more than 10,000 of his citizens at a beggar’s status for so long is providing the best regime in the world? In my kingdom even if you promise to give a village as Dhakshina, no body would wait for you to provide food for them. They know how to earn their food and they live their lives according to Dharma. A government which has kept its citizens as beggars and lazy by providing free food and other needs, is only doomed to die soon. There is no prosperity in Dharmaputra’s kingdom Krishna! I pity its citizens!”

Hearing this, Dharmaputra’s self-pride and ego got eradicated completely. He started providing the right regime after this and understood the fact that the thought of ‘HIMSELF’ would only lead himself and his citizens to death.

How relevant is this story for today’s scenario in TamilNadu. I request you to read THIS post of mine. The government is driving towards making TamilNadu as ‘Beggars Own Country’. It stops people who live below poverty line from any progressive thinking. All these free stuff make them lazy and bored. An idle mind would only think of the evil. This is not good for the nation. Like people who lived in Dharmaputra's palace with free food and other stuff, the people of Tamilnadu are also living in an imaginary 'Happy' mood. Nobody cares for the future of this nation. There was one Lord Krishna during the time of MahaBharatha to educate Dharmaputra. But who is there to educate our politicians today?

Once upon a time our mother land used to be 'God's Own Country'. Now slowly we are becoming 'Beggars Own Country'...


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Krishna (#24094743) said...

Thanks Jay. Welcome back. Better late than never!