Saturday, September 16, 2006

Secularism & Jihad...

For once the Catholic Church pronounced the truth?

There can be no two versions about the agenda of anyone who swearing in as the head of Catholic Church and the king of Vatican – to spread Catholic Christianity. And during the current pope’s predecessor’s time the head of church became more vocal and nonchalant in spreading this message across. With Sonia at the helm of India, they even had the guts to say that their job is conversion and they would do the same. None of the Indian media had the nerves to talk against this as immediately their brand would become a ‘branded non-secular’. After all, the print and video media are not here to ‘serve’ the nation but to do business.

Pope Benedict XVI delivered a couple of messages this week.

Message 1: He said “the violence embodied in the Muslim idea of Jihad, is contrary to reason and God’s plan. And violent conversion to Islam was contrary to reason and thus contrary to God’s nature” – these could not be words of nonchalance – these are carefully treaded, delivered with utmost great assertiveness and affirmation.

Message 2: The Pope also asserted “secularization of society has impeded the West from a full understanding of reality. Secularism has made it difficult for the West to communicate with cultures for whom faith is fundamental, thus making it incompatible with faith. The world’s profoundly religious cultures see this exclusion from the divine, from the universality of reason as an attack on their most profound convictions

Message 1 spreads the message loud and clear – Jihad and conversion to Islam is against God’s nature. If that is so, what do we call the statement of the church previously delivered that “Conversion to Christianity is their duty and they swear by it”.

Message 2 clarifies that Pope sees secularism as risk and danger to the faith – Since he represents Christianity, we can understand that secularism of the West is a risk to Christianity and he opposes that! What is the message conveyed here.

Not so long ago, he advised Indian Government to reject the anti-conversion laws as against the secular constitution of India. So he recommended on secularism in India but opposes at West! Why? Simple reason is that “Where there are Christians as majority, secularism becomes contrary to God’s nature! Where Christians are minority he advocates secularism and it becomes God’s command”.

Where are our politicians who claim to be world’s fountain head of secularism? Why are they not releasing any press statements? Where is our media that brings in limelight things that are against the Hindu majority of our nation? Where is Sonia – the modern mother of Indian Secularism? Why is there a silence around?

The answer is ‘Minority Votes’.

But as my take, by delivering the first message, for once the Catholic Church has pronounced the Truth!

Jai Hind!

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Krishna (#24094743) said...

As per the latest news, Pope has apologized to the Muslims. Then one of the following has to be true:
1. Whatever he had spoken earlier lacked conviction. So he 'lied' to the people who believed in him.

2. Now what is his definition on Jihad? Does he agree that it is not what he said and he agrees to the terrorism happening in the name of Jihad?