Saturday, August 19, 2006

A trip to home - Final

Current day of view of the 'once beautiful' river 'Sitraaru'. In the back drop of the coconut groove, paddy fields and then the western ghats!

The visitors having a field and stomach full day...

The rich green vegetation. The courtallam falls at a distant backdrop...
The Rajagopuram from another angle. The 'Seevalaperi' tank is to the brink after many years. But one cannot dream of venturing into this because of obvious reasons - Not all the homes at my town has a toilet!

This is what 'tourism' has done to the serenity of my home town. Plastics, plastics everywhere blocks all the water ways, kills the vegetation. On the way to Five Falls at the Boat house...

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Anonymous said...

hi krishna,
its so hard to digest to see that the nature is getting polluted.i have gone through some of your posts on vedas and hinduism.the information you've gathered was wonderfull and very informative and intresting.
good work,keep posting
best wishes