Thursday, June 08, 2006

You don't belong here...

It was a beautiful Sunday Morning! The previous night was good as well. I watched a Chinese Kung-fu movie and laughed my heart out – Now why that strange look on your face?? I am not an intellectual like you. I enjoy stupid and poor jokes. So what is your problem? I had a nice sleep. I decided to go on a lazy drive through my most favorite road that stretches along side a beautiful beach.

I played my pet music on my CD player. Lazing around at 20Km/hr with a cool breeze and a beautiful morning sun – I felt heaven. I just completed one round and turned around for the next. Suddenly I heard the sound of an air plane – near, very near to me. I gently leaped out of my window and looked at the sky – Nothing to spot! That sound faded away! ‘An air plane could not get past this fast’ I thought. Alright, back to normal “enjoy your drive” – went ahead with my second round – same corner to take a ‘U’ turn – Aha! There it is. I heard that air plane sound again! It faded again in very quick time. No, this cannot happen. I pulled over my car. Stepped out, scanned the sky thoroughly – no trace of any plane. I just stood there for the next five minutes. Slowly I heard the same sound at a distance. It came near – I spotted a motor bike speeding across a cross lane. The tweaks he had done to his silencer made such a noise! I strolled down that lane – waiting for that guy to come back. He came and I stopped him. Under the helmet I could find my good old friend! After initial surprises:

Me: What are you trying to do in this lane?
He: Don’t you know that we have our mid night moto races at the beach roads? Am preparing for that.
Me: Whatz the deal with your silencer? Don’t you feel it pollutes?
He: Hell with it! Do you know that I didn’t fix a horn to my beauty?
Me: You have an unmarried sister; you are yet to find a job; and your dad is old enough to retire. What do you gain by these races?
He: Money, fame & girls.
Me: Money fine, fame – sort of okay and where did the girls come into this?
He: The winner gets a date with the most beautiful girl in our group – and we elect the best!
Me: And you spend the money you just won on that b**** the same day? Is it worth the risk? What drives you to be so fast?
He: Speed thrills youth! Speed is the identity of youth;
Me: Am of your same age and Speed does not thrill me. Better than me I bother about others on the road!
He: You have always been like that! You are never ‘man’ish!
Me: What do you mean? I have a good job; married; have a kid; am settled & take care of my family; so what is the big ‘man’ish thing you have that I don’t?
He: See; Marriage has spoilt you; you are an old bugger now; you don’t belong here; And do you know that according to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity time slows down on fast-moving folks?
Me: So?
He: If time slows down on me wrt old buggers like you, I would stay young you idiot! I am preparing myself for that. Now would you mind moving your butt out of my way?
Me: Okay bud; but be careful…
He: You better watch ya back; and don’t try to act smart by hinting the cops!

He left with that air plane sound.

Stop! Einstein’s TOR is for space travelers; at a speed nearing the speed of light (some 200000 miles / sec) which no one has achieved and could achieve atleast in the next hundred years! “Next time I get to meet him, I will explain him this” said to myself and I returned to my car;

As I started my drive, I heard a noise of some ten planes coming back and crossing through me! A group of my friend a-likes zipped past my car!

I was annoyed – “You idiots” – I yelled! ‘Thank you’ promptly came back the reply! I continued my drive – I thought – May be; my friend was right. I am shy to risks; I have huge responsibilities to my family; I care for my status in the society; I bother about tomorrow; I feel heavy at heart; I have confined myself to a society boundry; I feel old.

They don’t; they love risks; they don’t bother about tomorrow; they feel light; they enjoy what they do; they want to cross boundaries; just like Jonathan Livingston Seagull!

‘I don’t belong there…’ I mumbled without my conscious!


Rajesh J Advani said...

I don't know what I find more disturbing - The idea that the most beautiful girl in the group is considered the prize for such behaviour, or the girl's agreeing to be a prize.

Anonymous said...

hahahha...that was a funny comment mr advani...:D