Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For How long?

I happened to read this article and the truth in it pains me. One of the most cruel punishments in the human history is the 'solitary prison' - most of us could not imagine the plight of such prisoners. In my opinion being & treated as a refugee in your own country is no better than the treatment in a solitary prison! It has been fifteen long years, but still no leader in this country could dare to touch this issue. And the only reason is - minority vote bank!

Our PM Manmohan Singh sends a special convoy to meet TN's CM just as we hear about the clash between LTTE (Terrorists) and a Srilankan Army. Our local TN leaders like Vaiko & MK shed tears of blood for the Srilankan Tamils! And in the names of refugees LTTE have started their intrusion into TN. I have personally seen the amount of vigilance and security being practiced in the 'Mandapam' refugee camp. It is a free for all camp! Anybody can come in, go out - not to come back again. So many such refugees are staying outside in rented and owned houses. All said and done Jayalalithaa administered better security policies for TN. Right from the street urchins till Veerappan (including Vaiko/Nedumaaran) stopped supporting any kind of terrorism/rowdism! It looks like that the LTTE were just waiting for a change in government in TN; They started the war as soon as MK sworn in as CM in TN - they are so sure about the assistance they would receive from this land now!

Our PM & super PM are busy flagging off buses across the border defying the whole purpose of the laying a fence along LoC! Cold blooded attacks on Hindus and Hindu shrines during Hindu festivals seem to be the agenda of the Islamic terrorists nowadays. Recent Delhi market blast during Diwali, Blasts at Varanasi etc., perfectly fall into this category. But still nobody in the country has the guts to object this cross border transportation!

For every community, clan, subsect, caste, or sections of workers there is a political back up! They come to the street, burn/damage public properties, and kill innocent people to demand justice! But no one could raise a genuine concern about the majority (minority!) Hindus in this country. The moment someone talks about Hindus, he would be labeled as anti secular by the media and the Congress! It is a shame on our nation.

For how long we would survive like this?

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