Monday, May 22, 2006

Netaji -Why Not?

In the heat of reservation debate the Government has silently gone ahead and thrashed one of the most critical historical myth - The Nethaji's death! Why should the government thrash 'Mukherjee Commission report' even without taking it for analysis? The commission has spent 7 years of tax payers money in search of the truth and finally exposed that the 'History' our text books taught us is indeed WRONG! Is it not a big deal? Is this the kind of respect one can give to the great Indian? I mean, how many of us feel proud when we just utter the word Netaji? How fascinated are we when we hear or talk about him? I always felt that we were not fortunate enough to live with such greats! The Mukherjee commission has given a glimpse that my feeling may be wrong! Two of the conclusions in Mukherjee's report excites me!

(1) Netaji did not die in the plane crash, as alleged;
(2) The ashes in the Japanese temple(Renkoji temple near Tokyo) are not of Netaji;

There is a strong notion that Bose actually lived and died (1985) in India in Faizabad, UP as a hermit namely Gumnami Baba aka "Bhagavanji". This means he lived among most of us! He has seen what Independent India is (am sure it would have hurted him)!!.

Now why should the government reject Mukherjee's report categorically? Why the government did not approve the previous two commission reports on the same issue - namely the Shah Nawaz commission (1956) and the GD Khosla's commission (1970)? In 1978, then PM Morarji Desai had to concede that the "findings" of the "inquiries" conducted by Shah Nawaz and GD Kholsa were not "decisive". These two commissions agreed with the populist view!

It is also learnt that Justice Mukherjee did not get the cooperation he needed from this government and infact he has been humiliated in many of the instances. He has also reported that the PMO has destroyed some of the top secret files. It is also proved that the Government destroyed several relevant 'classified & top secret files' and the 'contemporary official documentary records' based on which the govt was constrained to reject the findings of Shah Nawaz & GD Khosla panels.

Now as the government has rejected all the commissions' reports on this, what do we ought to believe? I believe the government has the obligation to this country. They should request USSR to open up their views about Netaji - I still believe we have a very good equation with Vlamdir Putin. The theory suggests that Netaji has escaped to Russia and not to Japan as we have been taught in schools.

Netaji has been one of the most admired Indians in the last century. This great personality truely deserves a great tribute - bring out the truth! Why Not?

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