Saturday, January 05, 2008

Saffronization of Education...Part 2

Our ancestors have calculated ‘time’ better than anybody else in the world, without having any of the modern day computing assists and capabilities. The following is the list of time units as defined per our ‘Jyothisha’ sasthra.

60 kooshvaas – 1 tharpara (thathpara)
60 tharparas – 1 vinaadi
60 Vinaadia – 1 Naalika
60 Naalikas – 1 day

Mapping these to the modern day ‘English’ time units:

1 hour - 2-1/2 naalikas
1 naalika – 24 minutes

1 Vinaadi – 24 Seconds
1 tharpara – 6/15 of a second
1 kooshvaa – 1/150 of a second

It is clear that our Jyothisha people had the ability to calculate ‘Jaathakaas’ at a kooshvaa unit level without any of the modern day super computers.

Another anecdote from Srimad Bhagavatham, 3rd skandam, 11th Adhyaaya

“swasthe nare samaaseene yaavathspandhathi lochanam|
Thathra thrinshathmo baaga: thathpara: parikeerthitha: |
Tathparasya shathaanshasuthu dhrutisthiyabigiiyathe|| “

The time taken for blinking the eye lids once by a man who is in ‘swasthi’ (without any ailments) state is called as ‘Nimesha’.
1/30th of a Nimesha is called a ‘Tharpara (thathpara)
1/100th of a tharpara is called a ‘dhruti’

Such information is spread across our ‘knowledge’ treasures. It is ironical that there is nobody around who take pride in these and trying to see what our ancestors have ‘seen’ already. All these teach us one thing – that the modern day scientists are not inventing anything ‘new’ – we still are re-learning what our Bharatha desa already knew through those famed modern day scientists!

If such a knowledge is what Vedic Mathematics can transcend on our generations, what is there to be opposed? If this is what called as ‘saffronization’ by the pseudo-secularists, is it not good for us?

Think India think!

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