Saturday, July 08, 2006

Aam Admi - Who?

As the congress pundits claim, the very basis of the existence of the current UPA government is to live for the ‘Common Man’ – Aam Admi. Closely watching all the happenings in the recent past, one wonders who form the part of this ‘Common Man’ group as defined by the UPA. In any business company that is geared towards growth everything is based on ‘ROI – Returns on Investment’. And as an employee if you fail to deliver to the ROI expected out of you, you would be chucked out. And the company would hail all those who perform and deliver the ROI.

Extrapolating the same concept to our country, I think those who pay the TAX are the persons who qualify to be hailed and nurtured by the government. Afterall, they are the very reason for the existence of the government. And what is happening today is the exact opposite! And ironically this happens under the helm of one of best economists in the world and one of the best known Finance brain in the country in the name of P Chidambaram!

For me, as per the above definition, the tax payers should form the ‘Common Man’ bastion for the government. But it looks like the definition of Aam Admi is mapped to the people who live below the ‘mystic’ poverty line and flourish under the Quota raj! All the government policies should be devised based on the welfare of the tax payers rather than the welfare of the ‘non-tax-payers’.

So do I intend to say that we should ignore all those who don’t fall under the ‘tax payers’ category? – Absolutely not. Again mapping to a business company scenario, those who are not ‘sellable’ in the market place, or those who do not show up the ROI, the companies invest on them atleast once – in the form of rigorous trainings to get them into the ROI category. Similarly the government should invest heavily in making eligible the Non-tax-payers community to Tax-payer community – by ways of providing compulsory free education, Changing the current ‘bookish’ education system to something what Rajaji dreamt off – vocational courses forming basic part of schooling system. This would ensure that the next generations of students do not solely depend on their bookish degrees to earn – rather they are ‘skilled’ workers at the end of their schooling that would enable them to earn right away and to elevate themselves to the ‘Common Man’ (tax payers) cadre.

This is what our HRD, PMO & FM should work together. Such things are called ‘Visions’. But what is the current focus of the ‘renowned reformists’ at the helm? Our FM is busy trying to find out ways to impose more taxes, double & triple taxes on the already squeezed out salaried class, where as they should form the Aam Admi cadre and policies should give them benefits! One of worst curses on our nation after VP Singh is what today we have in the form of HR minister. When it is so evident that reservations would only divide the country and would ruin the progress – our HR minister is so adamant that our mother nation should die and he would prosper with the cheap visibility.

And it is better left unsaid about the plight of our beloved PM! I think even the lowest level of congress party man has more saying than PM. Every minister in his cabinet takes him for granted. Let it be the backdoor boys from TN, Anbumani & Dayanidhi or seniors like Pranab & Arjun singh – nobody cares for PM’s words. And another curse on our countries growth is in the form of the Left! Some of the recent incidents where I felt PM’s hands are tied down by his own party men and his coalition partners:

1. The recent oil price hike and the subsequent charge that UPA has failed to keep the prices of agricultural products. Normally the case should be that the PM calls for the CMs meet and advise them on how they should be controlling the prices in their respective states. But what happened in the recent CMs meet is the exact reverse! The Vishalrao Deshmuks and YSRs were advising the world’s best economist on how to keep the prices under control! Could there be a bigger embarrassment than this to PM?

2. Then the modernization of Delhi and Mumbai airport has been strongly resisted by the left. Airports form kind of ‘face’ of the nation to a lot. We all knew the popularity of airports of Singapore, Heathrow and other such countries. And the plight of the airports of our nation’s capital and the economic capital could not even be compared to the rest rooms of those international standards! The left are so engrossed to make sure to keep the first impression of our nation to that of a garbage container.

3. And the most recent one is on the cabinet approved Nalco & NLC divestment! Again PM is stranded alone in the middle of his own cabinet! The CM of Tamil Nadu first suggested selling the stocks of NLC to the employees! The PM said okay – when it is a known fact that the employees could never afford to buy 10% of stocks of a giant in ranks of NLC! Threatened by the mileage gained by former TN CM Jayalalithaa on this issue, M Karunanidhi again threatened to quit from the coalition if the divestment plan is not scrapped! And what do you expect our PM to do – agree for this as well!

The pressures created by reservation policies of HRD minister, by Anubumani ramadoss over the AIIMS row with Venugopal Rao’s sacking – in all these events our PM is left stranded to take all the criticism and the brunt of the major public. Is that what ‘Aam Admi’ all about? How long Mr. Singh could survive with all such embarrassments? It is time to step back and think!


dondu(#4800161) said...

The Australian author Nevil Shute had this to say in his novel "In the wet".

Every adult has one vote. Educated adults get one more vote. If they attain certain level of education, they get a third vote. If a person is a tax payer, he gets one more vote. If he contribute things of value to the country, he gets the fifth vote. In an election his voting gets translated into five votes!

How about it?

Dondu N.Raghavan

Krishna (#24094743) said...

Welcome Dondu Sir. The idea sounds nice but I believe it would have difficulties in implementation in a country like ours. We need to first get into tracking every individual in our country (similar to SSN in USA). This would be the first step and the rest could follow this.